In relation to citizens with United Kingdom driving licences, the current regulations will continue to apply until the end of this year 2020.

As of January 1, 2021, the general regulations will apply and the permits issued by the British authorities will allow you to drive in Spain for six months, from the date of entry into Spain or from the date of obtaining legal residence.

Therefore, my advice is that people who are going to be residents in Spain after December 31st, 2020, exchange their driving license for a Spanish licence before the end of this year 2020.

To make an appointment in the Traffic Department, click here:


If you would like more information click on either of these two webpages.  One of them can be changed into the English language.  (in English) (only in Spanish)


British citizens will maintain their rights of residence, work, studies and social security, provided they are residing in Spain before January 1st, 2021.

The current registration certificates and cards of family members of EU citizens available to British citizens and their relatives residing in Spain, are FULLY VALID documents to prove legal residency in Spain, after the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU and benefit from the provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement.

However, as of July 6th, British citizens and their relatives residing in Spain can request a residence document with a uniform format (TIE), which will prove the condition of being a beneficiary of the rights contemplated in the Withdrawal Agreement.

This can be applied for in the Foreign Office in the Provence where it is you intention to reside or at the corresponding Comiseria (police station). However there is a big problem in obtaining an appointment.

But don’t worry, because as LAWYERS, we have the possibility to carry out this procedure for you, we will submit the documents telematically, and carry out all of the necessary tasks, we will take care of all of the necessary requirements to apply in your name, with the corresponding authorization to represent you.  

If you have a doubt, contact us through our webpage or by email

If you are a British citizen or are from a third country, family of a British citizen that arrives in Spain during the transition period you are also entitled to benefit from the Withdrawal Agreement.

If you have already obtained Spanish Nationality then you don’t have to take any action.

Can British citizens residing in Spain able to vote in the municipal elections?

The answer is clearly YES. British residents in Spain are able to vote in the municipal elections


From what date will the provisions of the United Kingdom Withdrawal Agreement from the European Union begin to be applied?

The transition period established in the Withdrawal Agreement began on February 1st 2020 and lasts until December 31st 2020, during which time everything will continue as before.

What should I do if I am going to travel?

You can travel from Spain to the United Kingdom, and vice versa, under the same conditions as before when departing during the transitional period. You must carry a valid passport or national identity document and you will not need a visa.

If you travel to Spain from the United Kingdom, you can find useful information in the following link, regarding customs controls, VAT refunds, and food and cash declarations.  select the English language

Do you have any question? Do not hesitate to contact us.


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