Undoubtedly one of the hottest topics on Facebook groups this week has been the now famous INVITATION LETTER.

And who has generated this debate has been ASK RICHELLE ANDALUCIA.

Richelle has managed to hit the hot spot and detect something that had gone unnoticed even by the British and European authorities.

Therefore, I have a lot to thank Richelle for allowing me to put on my blog this very interesting article about the INVITATION LETTER.

Please read it carefully, as it will apply to almost all British people who have links in Spain.

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Confirmed by the Brigada de Extranjería y Fronteras in Granada, and by Antequera National Police as well, with thanks to the helpful lady there.

Like for all other nonEU nationals wishing to visit Spain and NOT lodging in paid holiday accommodation, but with friends or family instead, the host in Spain must apply for a Carta de Invitación for each person involved.

OJO: ONLY LEGAL RESIDENTS in Spain can apply for this Carta for the family or friends they wish to receive in their own (or rented) home or a second home they own here, non-resident home owners CAN NOT.

The latter can only receive nonEU guests in their holiday home if the property is listed as a holiday rental with the Registro de Turismo and they charge for their stay and provide the guests with a tourist rental contract or confirmation of booking.

For those who rent their home, please check that the rental contract doesn’t contain a clause that prohibits guests from lodging with you, or only allows so for very limited time in case they intend to stay for several weeks e.g.

This has nothing to do with a visa obligation.

For both nationals from nonEU countries with, as well as without a visa obligation to enter Spain, this Carta is an accommodation requirement and if you cannot show a booking for tourist accommodation, the Carta provides proof of your accommodation instead.

The procedure is a two-step one. You need to apply for the Carta de Invitación with the National Police in your area, with a cita previa

Fill out this form for each guest

And Modelo 790-12 to pay the administrative fee.

Tick ‘solicitud carta de invitación’. The amount of 74,31 euros will appear.

Supporting documents to bring:

  • Title deeds or rental contract for the property where the guests will be lodging
  • Padrón certificate not older than 3 months
  • TIE or green EU residency certificate and passport plus copies
  • Copies of the passports of the guests that will travel from the UK to Spain to stay with you

There is no fixed window to process your application, it depends on how busy they are, but generally no more than 20 days.

Once you have been notified that your application has been resolved favourably, you can pick up the the Carta(s) de Invitación.

You’ll need a second form 790-12, tick ‘Expedición de Carta de Invitación’. No amount will appear, you need to print the form and put in the amount of 6,43 euros times number of guests. So for a family of five, 5 x 6,43 = 32,15.

Note that these amounts vary each time the State General Budget for the following year is approved and published.

Once you have the Carta(s), you need to send them to the UK so that the guest can bring the originals with them when they travel to Spain.

It will no doubt take a bit of getting used to, but this has been in place for all nonEU nationals for many years.

The GOV UK website now also mentions the Carta de Invitación as part of the ‘entry requirements’ for Spain. In France a similar letter is in place as well.

And the information on the website of the Spanish Embassy in London has been updated with the latest news about the lifting of travel instructions as of the 24th of May, NOT including a lifting of the necessity to bring proof of accommodation.

Let’s hope this ‘tramite’ will become available for online processing with a digital certificate soon, shortening the process time and eliminating the need for an appointment in person with the Natinal Police in your area.

By “Ask Richelle Andalucia”


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