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Welcome to AF Consulting! An Integral Legal Cabinet from which we intend to solve any legal need that our clients request, counting on a team of lawyers specialized in the different subjects that our law offers.

The commitment to the client makes AF Consulting Abogados-Lawyers a special office. That commitment is, has been, and always will be, the fundamental engine of our firm:

We take the affairs of our clients as matters of the office and the professionals that make it up

Our business strategy

Formulated according to our current growth and diversification in services, it is articulated on the basis of achieving high quality in each of the solutions we offer our clients.

It has a level of involvement in the affairs of our clients uncommon in a law firm, and that complicity with the client is the basis on which ALL our professional action is built, in any area of ​​law.

In congruence with our organizational purposes, as well as with our strategy, and being aware of the high degree of specialization required by each specific legal area, we have organized our Legal Office with the intention of offering a completely personalized and high quality service.
Therefore, three words summarize our Legal Office:


Our team as AF Consulting/h2>

Our firm is specialized in non-resident clients. The majority of our clients come from Anglo-Saxon-speaking countries. Although in recent years, customers from the Nordic countries, such as Sweden, Norway and Denmark have also increased.

Our team is made up of native staff who work in the clients’ own language and by national personnel who dominate all the necessary matters of the context where the different services to be provided to the clients will be developed.

For this, the fundamental basis with our non-resident clients is based on 3 basic pillars:

1. Immediate attention, during 24 hours and 365 days a year.

2. Assistance in your own language through the staff of our office, of British nationality and who helps to create a bond of trust with the client that provides maximum peace of mind to non-resident customers.

3. We cover all the needs of the NON-RESIDENT customers, attending all the areas in which they may be involved.

Subjects in AF Consulting

We provide our clients with all the services of a Law Firm, both in the Judicial and Extra-Judicial areas. Regarding the latter, the largest volume of our services to such clients consist of the Assessments in the Purchase of Properties, including all services or procedures attached to them (prior legal study, financing, Notary, Land Registry, Cadastre , City councils, etc.,.), As well as all the tax implications of the client not resident in Spanish territory.

Likewise, we have a high volume of business in relation to the management of Non-resident client Inheritances, motivated by the profile of these clients, who mostly come to our country once they have access to retirement in their countries of origin.

However, as we have already mentioned, we cover all the needs that non-resident customers.

Manager and manager of non-residents

The manager of our firm and responsible for the Non-Resident Area, is the Attorney Francisco José Ortega Moreno. It is the Collegiate number 4922 of the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Granada.

He has a professional experience of more than 17 years, also having two Masters, one of them in Tax Advice for Companies and Individuals and another in Urban Planning and Real Estate Law. He is fluent in English, both spoken and written, and has extensive experience in this area of ​​non-residents.

The native person in charge of having direct connection with our non-resident clients, it’s Nina Belhoussine. She came to Spain more than 25 years ago, being fully integrated into Spanish life.

However, it maintains a multitude of links with the non-resident communities that live in the area of ​​action of the firm, knowing in detail the way of thinking of non-resident clients as well as all the procedures of the Spanish system where we are located.

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