Property & Conveyancing

AF Consulting specializes in residential and commercial property conveyancing.

When purchasing property abroad every legal aspect must be taken into account, not taking the necessary, correct, legal steps could be very costly.

- Checking ownership at the Land Registry

- Making sure the purchaser is not inheriting any debts on the property.

- Redeeming outstanding mortgages

- Organising the taking over of the existing Mortgage if necessary

- Negotiating and drawing up contracts before signing the deeds at the Notary.

- Bilingual assistance at the Notary.

- Providing a detailed provision of funds balance sheet.

- Liquidating all taxes and completing all legal paperwork

- Registering the Deeds and handing them over, fully registered in the buyer's name.

- Changing over all the utilities of the property into the new owner’s name and setting up direct debit payments.

- Dealing with all areas of Planning Permission. Applying for and complying with planning rules and regulations.

- Legalisation of existing properties